Empowering the Next Generation of Jews

Tel Aviv Institute is a social media and online laboratory that takes on antisemitism where it starts. We provide resources and strategies for those who fight hate in the digital space with an inclusive tone focused on bringing new people into advocacy for Jews rather than preaching to the temple choir. 
In today’s digital world, antisemites across the political spectrum recruit and radicalize online. So as advocates for the Jewish people, we need to do the same. As strategic partners, our work is reinvigorating the conversation around Jews, antisemitism, and Israel, engaging new voices and assisting people who have a shared passion for a safe Jewish future.
We’re not facing your mother’s brand of antisemitism and anti-Israel hate. So we are empowering a new generation of Jews ready to use publications, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and new media to advocate for tolerance and peace.

Depoliticizing Antisemitism 

We believe that antisemitism exists across all parts of the political spectrum and needs to named and combatted everywhere. 
We believe that when you say antisemitism only exists on the right or left, you really mean you’re only willing to stand up for Jews when it politically suits you. At Tel Aviv Institute, Jews will never be tossed around for political points. We advocate for speaking out against hate when it is inconvenient and then educating those who participate in prejudice, no matter who they are or where they come from – and transforming them into allies.


TLVi scientists, social scientists, and researchers collaborate to implement cutting edge solutions to the hate epidemic.


Our Tel-Aviv laboratory coordinates its work with the best, brightest, and most determined people in the world to introduce and advance new ways to combat hatred directed at exposed communities everywhere.

Strategy & Policy

TLVi experts in social media, rhetoric, sociology, and other disciplines create the most innovative tools for combating hatred on line and in our communities.


Our laboratory is continuously innovating and testing novel solutions in order to identify those that really work off and online.









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We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focused and efficient solutions to the world-wide hate epidemic

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