Hunting Haters

Have you ever heard of amateur archaeologists or amateur astronomers?

Amateurs have made incredible discoveries that have alluded the pros for years.

Why not become an amateur epidemiologist and help uncover the key to stopping the hate epidemic?  The only requirement is persistence and passion.

Our team from the Tel Aviv Institute will travel to your community to train your organization to do productive.  For more information contact

Results are encouraging

Meaningful, tangible change is dependent on education driven by world-class research, cutting-edge technology, and strategic action.  That action manifests itself in effective solutions for combating prejudicial hate by inspiring media integrity and civil discourse in public forums.

By disseminating independent research that supports pragmatic human intelligence aimed at hatred, racism and bigotry against the global Jewish community, Israel and others throughout the world, we are engendering a non-partisan institutional independence that embraces all points of view enabling everyone to better address the world-wide epidemic of prejudicial hatred.  The collaboration of our team of volunteers, independent scholars, experts and thought leaders, as well as our diverse board of directors, is strong evidence of this commitment.