Jewish Refugees In Israel: Quashing an Inconvenient Truth

In a recent article in History News Network, published by the Chair of Israel Studies at the George Washington University, Professor Arie M. Dubnov and Professor Lior Sternfeld, of the Jewish Studies department at Penn State University, an argument against Mizrahi Heritage Month and Mizrahi identity was presented: How did November become the Mizrahi Heritage Month? And what’s Mizrahi anyhow? It is the second article published by this academic this month, that argues against Mizrahi identity as if it is a manufactured Israeli government propaganda identity. Myself, and all of my mizrahi friends and family members that read these articles were dumbfounded.

Notwithstanding Sternfeld and Dubnove self proclamation that they are historians, their article is nothing but a sheer political manifesto, that is focusing on erasing and belittling Mizrahi identity and history to fit their own political agenda.

The vague language on how “Jewish communities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region had undergone different experiences” is a direct attempt to gaslight the experiences of MENA Jews. While Sternfeld and Dubnove are no experts on Mizrahi history or MENA Jews, the authentic doyen of the history of Mizrahi Jews and a Mizrahi Jew himself, is the award winning historian, Professor Shmuel Trigano (professor emeritus of sociology at Paris University). His rigorous award winning book “The End of Judaism in Muslim Lands,” stands as genuine academic research an historical counterweight to Sternfeld and Dubnove’s thinly disguised politically charged assertions.