Pictured: Congressman Ritchie Torres in a special panel

Pictured: Rabbi David Wolpe speaking to guests

We exceeded our best expectations. Here’s what some of our alumni, speakers, and guests had to say about the Jews Talk Justice lab:

“Fighting the good fight is exhausting and can be hard and lonely.
Meeting allies, hearing their stories of being Jewish and standing
up for their people is strengthening, uplifting and frankly, sustaining.
Thanks, Hen Mazzig and the Tel Aviv Institute for an amazing experience.
Meeting Caribbean Jews, Native American Jews, Black Jews, Latina Jews,
Yemenite, Mizrachi, LGBTQ Jews, etc AND non-Jewish allies who love
their people fiercely and stand against antisemitism is such a gift. I had a
profound experience and I’m deeply grateful. I made wonderful connections,
soul deep connections, in the past few days.”

— Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll, Influencer

“The last few days I attended the Jews Talk Justice conference,
I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with Jewish
(and non-Jewish) activists and advocates that stand up against
antisemitism and are pro-humanity pro-peace. During the last
conflict in May, I never felt more alone or afraid of the future.
After the last few days, I felt quite the opposite — empowered,
inspired, motivated, united, and ready to continue to share my truth.
Thank you, Hen Mazzig and Tel Aviv Institute, for bringing us all
together, allowing us to connect, and making us feel a little less
lonely in a world that can sometimes be dark.”

— Moti Ankari, Influencer

“I spoke at and attended a conference that reinvigorated me and honestly
changed my life. I met beautiful humans working to spread awareness
about what it means to be Jewish and Israeli, educate the world about
our history while also fighting for justice and humanity of all people.
I attended workshops learning about antisemitism in the progressive left.
I listened to an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor share her story of bravery
and courage. We listened to Congressman Ritchie Torres of New York,
called “NY’s superstar progressive” in the New York Times. We learned
about depoliticizing antisemitism and heard from the woman behind the
iconic billboards displaying truth to power, about why fighting antisemitism
is imperative to fighting racism. Thank you to The Tel Aviv Institute for
putting this incredible conference together and bringing us all together to
discuss how to be better Jews, but more importantly, better people.”

— Allison Norlian, Forbes Contributor & Speaker

“I loved meeting everyone; the themes definitely resonated with me.
I think the exercise of building self-compassion was so helpful.
I think that’s desperately missing from most advocacy, where so
much focuses on making targets of bad actors instead of cultivating
a response that reshapes the conversation in the right direction.”

— Peter Fox, Influencer

“Thank you to Hen Mazzig and The Tel Aviv Institute for hosting
Jews Talk Justice. Just…WOW. You and your team are simply
AMAZING. We truly are ALL one big family.”

— Jew Belong

“I’m so honored to have been a part of this experience. One takeaway
I have is knowing that I am not alone; we are not alone.
The more united we are, the stronger are our voices.
I’m glad I have this space to turn to you all for myself.”

— Sefira Lightstone, Influencer

“I’m so inspired by the conversations, panels, and energy of being
surrounded by passionate Jews who love their heritage and their
homeland of Israel. Thank you, Tel Aviv Institute, for providing
a safe place for us to connect and remember that we are family.”

— Melissa Chapman, Influencer

“At the conference, we were allowed to be all of ourselves 100%
of the time which is unusual in such a setting. Usually, in these
situations, we have to censor ourselves. But this conference
was the exact OPPOSITE. We were encouraged to speak up,
to not hold back and to embrace all parts of our identities
simultaneously. When we spoke, people listened.
And when we were done speaking, we were fully heard.
It is so unfamiliar that it brought me to tears as I began to
fully process all the events that took place. I would like to
thank The Tel Aviv Institute and Hen Mazzig for this dynamic
and revolutionary event.”

— Elisheva Rishon, Influencer