Our team is engaged in identifying unique approaches to monitoring, educating and disrupting anti-Semitic contagion. As we see it, meaningful, tangible change is dependent on world-class research, cutting-edge technology, and strategic action. That action manifests itself in effective solutions for combating prejudicial hate by inspiring media integrity and civil discourse in public forums.

We are the only organization of our kind with the capacity to harness cooperative human and artificial intelligence to identify and combat hate media.

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The longstanding thinking in combating hate media has been that attracting new adherents to positive messaging is a complete solution. We have worked to show that the most critical impact is measured by a reduction in numbers of adherents to hate media messaging.

Our approach


We have brought together some of the most talented scholars, scientists, and journalists in the world for the single purpose of combating hate

  • We are introducing new tools and resources for disrupting hate both on-line and in local communities

Ours is a unique approach to monitoring, educating and disrupting anti-Semitic contagion

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In Action

We educate about ultraism aimed against Jews, the Jewish State, and all victims of extremism. We are a collaborative effort built on the talent of individuals in fields including political science, psychology, communications, artificial intelligence, demographics, and big data.

CAMPUSWe are active on key U.S. college campuses where we’ve trained student leaders to identify, evaluate and intercede where campus events, media and movements are initiated to promote anti-Semitic sentiments.

TRAINING Our training brings aspiring spokespersons new cutting edge techniques for disrupting hate media and hate driven initiatives.

SPEAKERS Our experts are providing insight, understanding, and fresh thinking to individuals and organizations that want to combat anti-Semitic and other forms of hate speech.

YOUNG LEADERS We’ve begun providing young leaders with both an understanding of and human and technological tools for countering hate speech in general and anti-Semitic activities in particular.

We can help in your community, on your campus, or at your organization.

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We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to combating hate directed toward Jews, Israel, and all exposed communities