Diving Into The Deep

“One can’t reason with an epidemic, so we must use reason to curb it.”

Hate Contagion is multiplying World-Wide and Expressing Itself More and More Frequently as Violence Against Jews, Israel, and other Exposed Communities.

We designated 2020 as the year to get ahead of the curve and stop the epidemic of hate toward Jews, Israel, and all exposed people around the world.

Meet Our Team

Our core team consists of scholars, researchers, and community leaders on three continents. They are supported in a cooperative effort by nearly two dozen individuals.

Hen Mazzig
Hen MazzigSenior Fellow
Hen is an internationally recognized authority on Israel and the Middle East. His writing has appeared in dozens of publications and he is regularly featured on North American, U.K, and Israeli media outlets.
Ron Katz, PhD
Ron Katz, PhDPresident
Ron Katz is an authority on rhetoric, propaganda, and persuasion. His research and writing has appeared in books, academic journals, and periodical publications. He received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.
Elya Uzan
Elya UzanDirector of Operations
Previously based in Hong Kong, Elya is a talented operations and social media professional.
Rev. Dr. Nigel Pearce
Rev. Dr. Nigel PearceCommunities Adviser
Pastor Grace Congregational Church, Harlem, New York
Stephen Karetzky
Stephen KaretzkyResearch Fellow
Prof. Emeritus and Author of Not Seeing Red. PhD, Columbia University.
Emily Schrader
Emily SchraderResearch Fellow
Founder of Social Lite Creative, analytics and social media innovator. MA, Tel Aviv University.
Natalie Sharon
Natalie SharonResearch Coordinator
Specializes in public relations. Former VP Marketing at top Israeli firm.

Meet Some of the People Who Are Driving our Efforts

Petra Marquardt-Bigman, PhD, writer and researcher whose work has appeared widely in Europe and North America; Morris Hartstein, MD, an internationally known surgeon and philanthropist; Jules Kragen, JD, a Berkeley attorney and social activist; Brent Tollman, social media, UX design researcher, big data specialist and winner of the IBM / Santam Hackathon 2017 and Santam Safety Ideas 2017 award; and Co-founder of the Mid East Report and former editor of Conde Naste Portfolio, Gary Weiss whose investigative reporting has appeared in Business Week, The New York Times and other major publications.

Discover The Future

We are a multi-disciplinary laboratory committed to focused and efficient solutions to the world-wide epidemic of hatred toward Jews, Israel, and all exposed communities.